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Sally Francklyn – a skier and writer shares her thoughts on her brain injury, which was/is very similar to mine.

Concussion Connection – an excellent site by and for athletes who have had a concussion.

Think First – a well organized Canadian organization that is focused on preventing brain and spinal cord injuries.

BrainLine – an excellent resource for traumatic brain injury (TBI) – a concussion is a TBI -information. This site has info for TBI in general and concussions specifically.

CDC – the US government’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Granted, brain injury is not a disease, but don’t let that stop you from searching this well funded, comprehensive and reliable site. The link leads to a page about concussions, but on that page there are links to Concussion in Sports and TBI.

Wikipedia – the ubiquitous Wikipedia page about concussions.

More links to come…

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