June is Brain Injury Awareness Month in Canada!

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Brain injury affects millions of people, many directly, and many more indirectly. yet, until recently, it has been virtually absent from public discussion and public consciousness.

That being said, great strides have been made, and/or recognized, in the past few years. There is a better, but far from perfect understanding as to what causes a brain injury. That it’s not only caused by trauma directly to the head. There is greater understanding about the need for the brain to rest and recover. This general understanding leads to questions such as; ‘how long does the brain need to rest?’, and ‘what do you mean by rest?’

I’ve heard countless people say that ‘every brain injury is different’. That can also be seen by the many different forms brain injury can take. Movement, personality, emotions, psychology and more can all be effected to varying degrees. Outwardly, all may appear status quo, but internally it can be very different.

Every brain injury is different because every person is different. Every mind is different and every body is different. It is in this vein, that my provincial association, Newfoundland and Labrador Brain Injury Association (NLBIA), is having a month-long brain injury awareness campaign called #loveyourbrainnl. It is inspired by the LoveYourBrain organization, started by Kevin Pearce, 2010 American Olympic medalist hopeful in snowboarding (check out his story in The Crash Reel!). Kevin was severely brain injured less than two months before the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. They’ve started a yoga and meditation program to encourage mindfulness and a brain healthy lifestyle. Check out their site and video to learn more.

I’ve been doing Pilates for four years and have recently begun doing Yoga. These mindful practices, among others, have certainly helped me and I encourage others in Newfoundland and Labrador to genuinely give these practices a shot!

Wherever you are, whether it is Brain Injury Awareness Month or not, please support your local brain injury association and keep your own brain and body healthy!

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