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Detour – that’s the title of my ebook (available here). I self published it, via Leanpub, on August 1, 2014, 11 years after my accident (coma and brain injury too) and almost 12 years after the completion of a two month bike trip across Canada. That’s what the book is about. I have sold 68 copies since that time! I’m obviously very happy about that, so I’ve decided to promote it again!

Those two years, 2002 and 2003, were the most interesting of my life. I graduated from Queen’s University, and upon doing so, moved out of the house I shared with 5 great friends, away from many other friends, whom I see now only occassionally, and onto a new phase in my life. Cycling across the country taught me a lot about Canada, especially how big it was, but it also taught me a different way to look at things. I was happy and though I probably didn’t exude more confidence, I felt that I at least should be more confident.

My first eight months at the University of Victoria allowed me to build on that conception. By the end of July 2003, I was doing well academically, and well in triathlon (which I began within a few weeks of moving to BC). I was enjoying the weather, the cycling, the swimming. I was excited about my co-op job at the Auditor General’s Office in Ottawa in September. I was excited about the upcoming cycling trip up Mount Hood in Washington (state, not D.C). I was really happy hanging out and cycling with new friends in Victoria!

On August 1, that all changed. My focus was soon forced to be singular. There was no triathlon, no co-op job, no Mount Hood, no Friday morning rides. There was ICU, hospital, and rehab hospital.

Now, there is happiness, there is confidence. There is no triathlon, but there is Pilates, there is swimming. There is no job, but there is writing, there is exercise. There are friends. There is my family.

Detour is about those two years and time since. It’s about how challenging life with a brain injury can be. I hope it’s also about change.

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