Introducing new writers!

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Last week I wrote Would you like to write on Concussion Talk? and, so far, four people have expressed interest! In the coming days and weeks, I will introduce each writer, beginning with Christine! Christine will provide a different perspective from mine, which will hopefully allow more people to relate. I’m excited to share her article soon!

Three more people will also write articles about their experiences, receiving multiple concussions, diagnosing and treating concussed athletes, and helping to physically rehabilitate people who have difficulties with balance, diziness, and other neurological conditions.

If you would also like to write about brain injury please email me (, tweet me, or send me a message on Facebook. It would be great to read articles by people who have had brain injuries, people who work with brain injured patients or clients, people who study brain injury or rehabilitation therapies, family and friends, or anybody who has a genuine interest! More perspectives mean more ideas and more chances to learn from different people.

Thank you very much!

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