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I am happy to say that the first time I tried this it was very successful! Thank you Ryan, Jiri, Tim, and Christine! I want to keep doing this, so please, if you’re interested in writing about your brain injury/concussion, please contact me (Twitter, Facebook, email). Of course, Christine, Tim, Jiri, and Ryan are more than welcome to write again and I would really like other people to share their stories as well! Are there any Pilates or fitness trainers/instructors that would like to write about their stories?

Anyone who is interested, please think about writing. Share your story. It can help others!

Have you had a concussion or another type of brain injury and would like to write on Concussion Talk?  I am hoping to find more writers for Concussion Talk, including people who have had a brain injury (including concussion) and want to write about their experience recovering. What activities, physical, mental, or other, have helped you? What other topic would you like to write about?

Are you a physiotherapist, or an athletic trainer or therapist, who works with brain injured clients? Please consider writing about your experience with brain injured clients; challenges, frustrations, interesting clients. Have any clients presented you with a challenge that doesn’t seem to be responding to the treatment? Have doctors told you that the client will not respond to certain exercise/treatment but the client surprisingly responds well? Those are simply examples of topics that may be good to write about, by no means is it an exhaustive list. I would like to provide a space where physiotherapists, or any rehabilitation therapist, can write/discuss their challenges/success stories. I hope that by sharing stories to a diverse group of people, new ideas can be generated.

Are you a Pilates instructor, a yoga instructor, or any type of fitness/strength and conditioning coach/instructor? Have you worked with clients who have had a brain injury? A client who has just been concussed? A client who was brain injured a long time ago and you’ve seen the effects, positive and negative, of certain exercises or programs?

I hope I’ve piqued some interest! Because here’s the thing: I can’t pay anything. Writing on Concussion Talk is completely voluntary. I hope that by making Concussion Talk about more than just my voice and my thoughts, I can attract more writers, more readers, and hopefully some paid advertising! Hopefully.

Just as there is a high to guaranteed chance that there are countless other topics that I have not mentioned, there are also plenty of other groups that I have not mentioned above. Please message me if you are interested. I like to write, and I like to read articles that are about actual situations, and either tend to be positive or tend to recognize that everything is not great all of the time, but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible.

I really don’t have an idea of how many people will message me. Your guess is as good as mine. That being said, if people are interested, I will have to make decisions about articles.

If you are still interested in writing on Concussion Talk, please message me (see below):


Twitter: @concussiontalk


Thank you!

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