Episode 86 – CrashCourse by TeachAids with Scott Anderson

TeachAids is a social venture that grew out of Stanford and Dr. Piya Sorcar’s doctoral work. “This effort grew into a collaborative consortium of world-class experts from disciplines including education, medicine, communications, technology, and design thinking. The Institutional Review Board-approved research and methodology has demonstrated statistically significant gains in learning and retention, and provided the highest learning effects and comfort rates of any tested educational approach.1

Scott Anderson (Episode 45), Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) at SyncThink, former Director of Athletic Training/Sports Medicine at Stanford University and an advisor to TeachAids. Scott was instrumental in the creation of the TeachAids for Concussion product, CrashCourse. He talks about the amazing work that TeachAids is doing, including the incredible FREE CrashCourse products such as the Concussion Story Wall, Concussion Education – including in VR (virtual reality), Brain Fly-Through – including VR!

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