Episode 113 – Super Bowl, Winter Olympics & Brain Injury/Concussion Awareness (Corey Lewis, PT, DPT at Mount Sinai Rehab)

I had a really informative and fun chat with Corey Lewis, PT, DPT! Corey is an Advanced Clinician Physical Therapist at Mount Sinai Rehab Center in New York. We talked about the Super Bowl, Winter Olympics, and the importance of brain injury and concussion awareness! We discuss the obvious risks of brain injury in football (American) and almost every winter sport! Corey’s experience and expertise in brain injury and orthopedics give him a good perspective on treatment and care for athletes and non-athletes of all ages, which includes raising awareness of brain injury!

As Corey mentioned at the end of the podcast, you can reach out to him at Corey.lewis1@mountsinai.org

Mount Sinai’s concussion referral/information email is: concussion@mountsinai.org

Mount Sinai Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance Instagram is:

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