Episode 5 – Passport to Concussion Recovery: Collaborative Care with Dr Shannon Bauman

Dr. Shannon Bauman, Medical Director of Concussion North (Barrie, ON)
BS, BScN, MD, CCFP (SEM), Dip. Sport Med.

Each patient’s journey to concussion recovery is different. The complexity of a concussion injury alone can be overwhelming and difficult for individuals to understand, let alone monitoring the trajectory of their recovery that can include several practitioners.

Dr Shannon Bauman, Medical Director of Concussion North, joins the podcast to discuss how she has used her personal experiences with concussion to build a new framework to encourage a collaborative, patient-centred care pathway. The Concussion Passport is a clinically-validated tool that empowers the patient and helps to harmonize a multi-disciplinary care team throughout the recovery process. As well, Dr Bauman shares her expertise on concussion recovery based on a database of over 700 patients from her clinical practice.

Research Article:
Bauman, S. M., MacDonald, J., Glatt, C., Doktor-Inglis, I., & McLean, J. (2019). A novel clinical practice tool increases patients’ understanding of concussion care within an inter-disciplinary clinic. Journal of Concussion, 3, 2059700219886192.

Twitter: @sbjockdoc

Email: shannon@concussionnorth.com

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