Feeling good

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I expected to feel kind of down around now, but oddly and fortunately enough, I’ve been in a good mood  for a while, even though, ostensibly, nothing has really changed. My good spirits are based on possibilities. Usually, when those possibilities fall apart, is when I start feeling a bit down. I’m more hopeful this time because I’ve got back up plans and the things I am planning on doing are things I’m genuinely excited about.

I applied for a job as a writer and, as I mentioned in a previous post – Goals and Focus – I haove registered for a Pilates teacher training course in January. Both of these are very exciting possibilities for me; I love writing and Pilates/staying in shape. I was swimming yesterday and, maybe it’s because I’m more conscious of my stroke or maybe I’m thinking about keeping a certain posture while I’m swimming, but either way, I feel like I’m moving more smoothly through the water and with more power than I have in a while. Also, friends and family are coming home for Christmas and then, in January, I will see other friends and other family in Toronto.

My last post was a few weeks ago, and that’s much too long to go between posts. Usually when I write it’s because something – good or bad – has inspired me. I wouldn’t say I’ve had any singular inspiration for this post, and maybe that’s why the title isn’t well thought out. Frankly, the title is lousy, but now that I’ve spent time talking about it, it would be stupid to change it. Here’s where I realize that I should wrap up this post – I’m rambling.

In conclusion; feeling good, stuff’s happening, seeing family and friends, lousy title. Thanks for reading, the next one will be better.

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