Episode 41 – Recovering from concussion in sport (Katy Winton, TFR Enduro)

My guest on episode 41 of Concussion Talk Podcast is Katy Winton. Katy placed 3rd overall in the Enduro World Series (EWS) in 2018 and 2017, representing TFR (Trek Factory Racing) Enduro. Unfortunately, Katy has been on a break from racing since being diagnosed with a concussion after a crash earlier this year in a race in Tasmania.

Katy talks about her recovery from concussion, the importance of taking time, doing it right, and trusting the process. After talking to Tim in episode 39, I heard about how difficult enduro racing can be! It’s so good to hear how Katy is on her way back!

Tim Vanderjeugd, Sports Marketing Director for TFR’s off-road teams, talks about Katy’s concussion in episode 39, as well as TFR’s concussion protocol, and their partnership with HeadCheck Health.

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