A Great Weekend in Toronto!

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As anybody in St. John’s knows, Tuesday was a rainy, windy mess of a day, but you wouldn’t know it by the inspired group that came to the Parkinson’s exercise/Pilates class! A great class, that tried new exercises with enthusiasm! This past week, I didn’t teach either of the Pilates classes that I normally teach, as I was in Toronto learning and doing Pilates! Thank you Larisa! You’re a fantastic teacher (I already knew this) and you seem to have an endless supply of exercises! This is certainly due to your “I don’t know if this’ll work, but we’ll see” attitude. Thanks again!

I’m happy to be back to teaching this weekend, and also very happy about getting a chance to talk to volunteers at the YMCA of Northeast Avalon, of which I am one. With regards to teaching, I will try to incorporate some of the exercises from this past weekend at Body Harmonics. Some will be from the workshop, Swimming Mechanics and Protocols, and some will be from my sessions with Larisa. I don’t yet know what exercises I’ll do or where I place them, but over this week and coming weeks I’ll get them in there.

When I talk to the volunteers there will be a lot about Pilates, but also a lot about brain injury. For me, they go hand in hand. I can’t talk about Pilates and why I find it so good, without mentioning my brain injury and the challenges it has presented. Likewise, talking about my brain injury implores me to discuss my recovery, which in turn leads to exercise and Pilates.

There is so much more I could write about now, but I like doing these shorter, more frequent, and more regular posts. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, there would be no flow to the writing. It’d be a bunch of thoughts or ideas about which I’ve written before and which have no theme. Therefore I’ll leave it there for now.

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