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Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Waterford Valley! After speaking, I was asked engaging questions about brain injury, my experience, and my thoughts about brain injury/concussion in sport. The kind words after I finished speaking also encourage me to keep speaking about brain injury!

I spoke about; my brain injury, including the cycling accident, my time in hospital, inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab; what I am doing that helps me and keeps me feeling good, including yoga, pilates, swimming, and staying physically and mentally active, and; what brain injury means to me, my life, with which I hope others who’ve had such an experience can relate – recognition that my brain injury is not just ‘something that happened’, but part of who I am. Something inextricably linked to my life, how I see and interpret the world, and the recognition not of my disability, or my current situation, but of the simple, obvious, but much ignored fact, that life changes.

Since June 2016, I have spoken at:

Rotary Club of Avalon Northeast

NL Wellness Expo

Dalhousie School of Physiotherapy PT Matters

Stroke Support Group – Speech/Language Pathology at Eastern Health Miller Centre

Rotary Club of St. John’s

Rotary Club of Waterford Valley

I look forward to more speaking engagements as I aim to speak to a wider audience, in other provinces, and countries!


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