Episode 56 – Getting there – Attitude after brain injury (Charli Skinner)

A mild, moderate, or severe TBI often means many significant changes in every aspect of the injured person’s life. For Charli Skinner, life was full of travel, skiing, sailing, and working for a humanitarian organization in London. However, it was after a fall in her own bathroom that led to her brain injury, a flare up of an underlying condition, and post concussion syndrome (PCS) – the effects or which are with her on a daily basis.

I learned about Charli’s story from an article on Headway (UK brain injury organization) and from her Instagram account @charliski. After reading, I wanted to talk to her about her incredible attitude! Charli approaches life with gusto, even if PCS means she needs to rest. We talk about the invisibility of brain injury, the neuro-fatigue, dysautonomia (Phoenix Concussion Recovery Podcast, Episode 10), and the powerful, truly meaningful learning that can arise from such a difficult situation.

This is a link to Simon Sinek “Nervous vs. Excited”

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