Episode 39 – Trek Factory Racing to use HeadCheck (Trek Sports Marketing Director Tim Vanderjeugd & Harrison Brown, CEO HeadCheck Health)

On episode 39 of Concussion Talk Podcast I talk to Sports Marketing Director Tim Vanderjeugd for Trek Factory Racing (TFR), and Harrison Brown, CEO of HeadCheck Health, who I spoke to last episode. Since that podcast, Trek Factory Racing has partnered with HeadCheck Health and will use the software for the identification, documentation, assessment and management of concussions of the TFR cross country, enduro, and downhill teams.
We talk about why it’s important for a non-contact sport, such as cycling, to monitor and track athletes. The unfortunate importance of this monitoring has been highlighted by an incident on TFR earlier this year and a crash yesterday (April 7, 2019) on a different team at the Tour of Flanders, when defending champion, Niki Terpstra, was concussed.

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