Episode 44 – Shannon Busta (digital journalist, wrote about her concussion and new perspective)

Shannon Busta is my guest on episode 44 of Concussion Talk Podcast. On June 14, 2019, Shannon wrote “How my concussion changed my relationship with success” for the Globe and Mail, about the concussion she sustained in the fall of 2017. She writes about how that concussion changed her life, her thoughts and goals for her career, and ultimately her perspective on success.

From anxieties about every aspect of her life, to being forced to slow down and see things in a new light, Shannon talks about how her concussion has given her a new perspective.

I wanted to call this episode, “Baking Bread with Shannon” (read the article) but for the sake of continuity I stuck with the Episode 44.

Maybe, “Stop and Smell the Loaf”? Nah, that’s really not going to work! Episode 44 it is!

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