Episode 53 – Concussion in Women & Girls (Meaghan Adams, Katie Mitchell, Lauren Ziaks)

The important differences between men and women are apparent in other aspects of life and health, yet they have been conspicuously absent as part of concussion and brain injury research! Although very important, the differences remain under-appreciated!

Episode 53 of Concussion Talk Podcast/episode 13 of Phoenix Concussion Recovery Podcast will hopefully morph into a series all its own, discussing concussions with a focus on how women and men are affected differently from what is ostensibly the same traumatic brain injury.

This is the first “panel” discussion, with Lauren Ziaks, PT, DPT, ATC of Phoenix Concussion Recovery & Podcast, Meaghan Adams, PT, PhD of the original “Concussion in Women and Girls” episode, and Concussion Talk Podcast/Phoenix Concussion Recovery Podcast veteran, Katie Mitchell, PhD(c), MScPT, CAT(C). I hope it gets people talking, and I hope it encourages a frank and honest discussion about how brain injuries, including concussions, affect everybody differently!

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