Episode 18 – Concussion care and management, naturally (Brigitta)

Dr. Brigitta is a Naturopathic Doctor and Primary Care Paramedic with a mission to help active individuals braving concussion recovery, mental illness, and memory loss reclaim and optimize their resilient brains, naturally. With over a decade of experience as a paramedic, Brigitta has witnessed firsthand the care and management of concussions in both the Prehospital and Emergency Department settings. As a Naturopathic Intern on the Sports Medicine focus shift, she had the opportunity to mentor with several Medical Advisory staff of CCMI, the largest network of concussion clinics and the leader in clinical concussion care. Brigitta’s additional training in Sports Nutrition, and CranioSacral Therapy from the world-renown Upledger Institute, has given her a deeper understanding of both how to create brain resiliency before impact and how a holistic treatment approach changes the trajectory of healing from brain injury.

Concussion Chats is a podcast hosted by the McGill Students for the Concussion Legacy Foundation, with the help of Nick from Concussion Talk. This podcast is dedicated to providing hope and strength to those suffering from concussions through sharing experiences. Join us to hear recordings of our featured speakers that spoke to our peer to peer run concussion support group, and a discussion by our moderator and guests. To find out more about the McGill Students for Concussion Legacy Foundation or to get involved visit: https://www.concussionmtl.com/

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