Episode 29 – Positivity, recognizing symptoms and emotions with Katrina

Athlete & Entrepreneur.
Been playing competitive hockey for 25 years.
No known Concussions until a severe hit from behind in hockey March 2019. Didn’t know I was concussed until 10 days later and things spiralled from there. My body shut down. Hospitalized almost a week (endless testing and bright loud environment made it worse). I had to relearn how to walk, talk. Couldn’t work or function normally for 6 months. Shared my story on social media. A friend took me to Ottawa Performance Care and after 8 months of twice a day rehab they gave me my life back. I could walk, talk and begin to live again. I’d say I’m 90% healed. I have many good days and some bad and although my life may never be the same pre concussion, I will never stop bringing awareness and continuing to live life in a slower, more calculated and present lane. Forever grateful for support from family, friends and strangers. You can heal. One day at a time. 🧠✊🏻 #concussiondiscussion”

You can follow Katrina’s journey on instagram @613painting

Concussion Chats is a podcast hosted by the McGill Students for the Concussion Legacy Foundation, with the help of Nick from Concussion Talk. This podcast is dedicated to providing strength and hope, to those suffering from concussions through sharing experiences. Join us to hear recordings of more of our featured speakers, who’ve spoken to our peer-to-peer run concussion support group.

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