Episode 66 – Introducing a Co-host! (Tara Bradbury, reporter, The Wounded Brain)

I’ve been doing this podcast since June of 2015 and, although I’ve interviewed many people, I haven’t been joined by an actual co-host. That is where Tara Bradbury comes in! In 2011, Tara wrote a six-part series titled, The Wounded Brain in the local newspaper, The Telegram, not only about brain injury and different neurological conditions, but about the people affected. Tara interviewed me for the final article in that series, and we’ve stayed in touch. On this podcast we talk about the series, and Tara asks me about challenges I have with my brain injury.

Tara is an excellent journalist and offers a very refreshing look a brain injury/concussion and a keen interest in getting to know the people. The story. I am excited about the podcasts we will be able to deliver!

Introducing Tara Bradbury!

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