Concussion Compass

Two physiotherapists with a remarkable breadth of knowledge about concussion have created a site, and a program, designed to support anyone going through post concussion syndrome (PCS). Concussion Compass was created by Natasha Wilch, a physiotherapist who has dedicated her career to helping people recovering from concussion, and Molly Parker, a physical therapist who, after her concussion in 2011, has PCS and has gone through many of the very tough challenges that the seemingly haphazard treatment provided. Molly, Natasha, and Concussion Compass provide the education, mentorship, and community to help guide others in their journey through PCS.

Concussion Compass is an exciting and new program! Molly Parker hinted at this collaboration on episode 50 of Concussion Talk Podcast as she was in the midst of her move to Nanaimo, B.C. to join Natasha. Natasha and Molly then joined me to discuss concussion treatment just before the launch of their exciting new partnership!

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