Episode 2 – Attitudes, Behaviours, & Prevention of Concussion in Sport

Michael Jorgensen PhD Student, MSc Psych

Read Mike’s publication:

Jorgensen, M. P., O’Hagan, F. T., & Lehmann, H. (2017). Concussion beliefs in varsity athletes: Identifying the good, the bad and the ugly. Journal of Concussion, 1, 2059700217730257

Experiences and beliefs surrounding risk behaviours, reporting symptoms, and seeking care for sport-related concussion are shaped by more than just individual athletes. Sport culture and influential stake-holders may have significant influences on psychosocial behaviours of athletes.

Michael Jorgensen joins Katie today to discuss how his experiences in varsity rugby and concussion have shaped his PhD research focus on primary prevention of concussion in sport. We discuss the need to connect education with intention and systematic changes for sport and their unique cultural norms that are ultimately the foundation for intervention strategies.

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