A New Situation

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I haven’t written a post since before the summer. Here’s why.

The main reason is that this past summer was a very difficult summer for my family. It continues to be difficult and will be for some time to come. My sister, my mom, and my dad have all been incredibly supportive of me throughout my life and since my brain injury. I know they are very supportive of my writing and now my podcasts, and I was so happy to be able to play my first podcast for my dad and hear, as always, his words of encouragement and to see that bright, cheery smile on his face.

I had stopped writing well before that because my energies for writing were better spent walking to my parents’ place to see dad. This was the case until he died on August 15th. My sister, my mom and I, were fortunate enough to be able to see dad at home, and to be home with dad during this tough time. Many, many people do not have that opportunity, and both dad and mom have always been quick to point out how lucky we are in so many ways, no matter what happened.

Dad had already gone through bouts with cancer, but knowing that, and knowing the inevitable outcome this time, made it no easier. It was no solace, nor was seeing his pain end any relief. It’s just hard.

Dad was small in stature, enormous in heart. I towered over him, yet I always felt he was ten feet tall. He was very gentle, and soft-spoken. He was never in a fight in his life. Still, he was the thoughest man I’ve ever met.

I attempted to describe dad using the the word ‘most’ to accompany the many positive adjectives I listed. One of the first ones I wrote was ‘humble’. That he was. Therefore I will say no more.

I love you dad.


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