Brain Injury Awareness!

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June is Brain Injury Awareness Month in Canada (#BIAM17)! You can help promote brain injury awareness in many different ways, including by supporting Brain Injury Canada, and your local or provincial brain injury association, such as the NLBIA (Newfoundland and Labrador Brain Injury Association) and our LoveYourBrain – inspired yoga classes throughout the month!

For the past seven years I have been trying to encourage brain injury awareness with Concussion Talk. Two years ago, I decided to add Concussion Talk Podcast. This month I’m going to start a new strategy with podcasts which will allow others to share their expertise, experiences, and ideas.

To say “I’m going to start” feels too narcissistic. I’m not starting this alone. This idea will first come to fruition with Phoenix Concussion, a website by Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT Lauren Ziaks, and Physician Assistant, with years of experience helping those dealing with concussions, Melinda Roalstad. Lauren was on Episode 20 of Concussion Talk Podcast. Melinda and she are based in Park City, Utah. Although there is the skeleton of a website (with a bit of meat), the site will not launch until later this month. When it does, Lauren and Melinda will start their regular podcast on Concussion Talk Podcast. I’m looking forward to this!

So, beginning this new strategy is one way I’m trying to promote brain injury awareness, as is being visible online. I recently went to my local Apple Reseller, Jump+, and got some excellent help from Devon. Concussion Talk Podcast YouTube Channel now has all of the podcasts and will be another place, along with iTunes and SoundCloud, to get not only Concussion Talk Podcast, but the soon-to-be Phoenix Concussion Podcast!

I’ve also posted about Concussion Talk website and Podcast on reddit, subreddits; concussion, concussions, tbi, tbisurvivors.

Thank you all for helping me spread the word about brain injury and its many, varied symptoms! I encourage everyone to promote brain injury awareness, whether you are in Canada or not! If you are in NL, I encourage you to check out and #LoveYourBrainNL Facebook group and give yoga or meditation a try (or continue your practice)!

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