Thank You!

I just recorded a short thank you to Concussion Talk Podcast’s; co-hosts (Erin)/partners – Taya & Emily, Edina & Stefan – Concussion Legacy Foundation Canada’s UofT and McGill chapters respectively, Allie & Felcia – Keep Your Head Up, Katie – Thrive NeuroSport, and Lauren – Phoenix Concussion Recovery. To HeadCheck Health who have been a staunch and incredible sponsor of since 2020.

Most importantly, to everyone who listened, and hopefully learned something about brain injury this year!

I tried to keep it limited to the podcast and family, but being thankful is so much more than naming people. There is so much more for to be thankful for and to so many more people! This is far from an exhaustive list; it’s not even a list. There’s no end, no beginning.

In conclusion, thank you so much for your support!

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