Episode 20 – Severe traumatic brain injury, coma & attitude (Me, Me, Me)

Nick Mercer (that’s me!) is the creator and writer of Concussion Talk blog – since 2010 – and host and producer of Concussion Talk Podcast – since 2015.
In August 2003, while in Victoria, B.C., doing his Master’s of Public Administration at UVic, he was severely brain injured while riding his bike. He was in a medically induced coma for two weeks, and in in-patient rehabilitation at home in St. John’s, NL for 6 months learning how to walk and talk. He also spent a lot of time with occupational therapy learning what daily living would be like. He completed his Master’s in 2006 and then worked in Ottawa at for three years at Export Development Canada (EDC). In 2010 he left a permanent job at EDC and went back to St. John’s to work at the Government of NL and started Concussion Talk blog. Nick stays physically active with yoga, Pilates, walking, and his favourite activity, swimming – COVID permitting. He is very happy, but to say why or how is too much for this short bio. In truth, there are too many intersecting and ever-changing reasons. Nevertheless, he’s happy.

I rambled. Oops.

Concussion Chats is a podcast hosted by the McGill Students for the Concussion Legacy Foundation, with the help of Nick from Concussion Talk. This podcast is dedicated to providing strength and hope, to those suffering from concussions through sharing experiences. Join us to hear recordings of more of our featured speakers, who’ve spoken to our peer-to-peer run concussion support group.

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