It Just Is

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It’s an earlier and shorter post than usual this week because I’m heading to Toronto on Wednesday so that I can take another Pilates course on Friday, Swimming Mechanics and Protocols, at Body Harmonics. Before my accident and brain injury I played water polo for eight years and I was just getting into triathlon. I see this Pilates course as a nice mix of the old and the new. I still swim, but only once a week now, and with nowhere near the same speed or efficiency. I still go to water polo, but now as the game clock operator. I really miss playing.

That said, it’s not something that holds me back from enjoying it. It’s not the same as playing, but life’s not the same now as it was when I was playing. Brain injury or not. I was younger, my teammates were all my age and we all had similar things going on in our lives (school, university, and what comes with it). So, I miss playing, but I don’t yearn for those days, nor do I regret the accident that left me brain injured. It’s part of life. Things change. Things for me changed how they did. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It just is.

This week will be different for me. Family, friends, and Pilates in Toronto. Plus, importantly and deliciously, dinner at Barrio Coreano!

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