Episode 70 – Neuroplasticity (Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic, Melissa Medeiros)

Neuroplasticity one of the first words I remember hearing from my physiotherapist, Jen Shears. Given the importance I place on her words, it is no surprise that “neuroplasticity” has been one of, if not the most recognizable rehab terms for me.

Melissa Medeiros, Registered Occupational Therapist, and Clinical Operations Supervisor of Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic, as guest on episode 70, talks about neurplasticity, especially with regards to concussion (check out their impressive “Let’s Talk About Concussion” page) and brain injury, the role and importance of; technology in rehabilitation, and the importance of of well-being.

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This is NeuroCatch, the portable EEG that Melissa was so excited about.

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