August, fall, and podcasts

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Thank you to everyone who has listened to my podcast. Episode 1 – Intro – can be found here. Episode 2 – Interview with Dr. Kristian Goulet – can be found here.

I wanted to start podcasting simply because it’s different. Once I thought of it, I realized that it’s a good way for people to get concussion news/info/interesting stories. Although there has been a lot of talk and writing about concussions/brain injury and sports online and in the media, as with any topic, it mainly attracts people who are already interested. I hope that with a new format for presenting information, I may be able to reach another, large group of people and introduce them to a very interesting and different subject.

My podcasts will still focus on concussions and all brain injury, but I hope to bring different perspectives and different people to the conversation. For example, I will hopefully be interviewing; a Strength and Conditioning Coach of an NHL team,  a physiotherapist, people working with brain injury organizations, health/wellness/fitness experts, and others. It’ll be fun and interesting! Please check it out!

Although it was only my first interview and my second podcast, Dr. Goulet was a fantastic person to interview! He is very knowledgeable about concussions, concussions in sports, and did a Sports Medicine Fellowship at Harvard. He runs the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO – in Ottawa) Concussion Clinic and is the medical director of the Pediatric Sports Medicine Clinic of Ottawa. His bio is given here. His bio includes training at the Concussion Clinic at the Children’s Hospital Boston and his work as the Clinical Supervisor for the Concussion Education Program for the Sports Legacy Institute at Boston University.

The summer (or lack thereof for us here in St. John’s) is a difficult time to interview people, as many are on holidays. For the same reason, August is also a difficult time to attract people to a new podcast. Therefore, I will begin podcasting and writing new blogs come September. I may do a podcast in August, but I will be sure to post it again in September!

Thank you for reading and listening!

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