Concussion Research in Toronto

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Happy New Year!

I spent ten days of the holiday season in Toronto seeing family, friends, and by chance, yet very fortunately, meeting the amazing team at the Concussion Centre at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital!

I hadn’t planned to meet the team or even see the hospital, rehab, or research facilities at Holland Bloorview before I got to Toronto, but one Friday I just decided to contact them and see about a visit. I’m very happy I did! Both Katherine and Karolina responded quickly, and on Monday I visited, saw the incredible facilities and met the inquisitive, innovative, intelligent, and enthusiastic team!

It is very encouraging to hear about the important and exciting research being done by those in the Concussion Centre and see the amazing space available to all for research, for rehab, and for recovery.

I will soon do more podcasts, and when I do I will be talking to someone from Holland Bloorview Concussion Centre!

Thank you to everyone I met (and a few I didn’t meet)!

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