Mea culpa, or “We’ll dig our way out!”

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The Simpsons

This morning I wrote a post in which my point had been almost fully developed. It was a decent length too. I had been writing for a couple of hours, then I paused to make lunch, all the while I grew less certain about what I really wanted to say. After lunch, I re-read my morning’s work and thought that it looked pretty good, still not great, but recoverable. So, I wrote, erased, and generally edited my blog post. It wasn’t ready to post yet since it lacked a final paragraph.

I thought about how to conclude. It was at this point when I realized that I didn’t really like the point to which the post was logically headed. I had unintentionally led myself to a preachy culmination, and I was stuck. I had a few options; make the post annoyingly and agonizingly long by turning it back on itself in an attempt to save it, follow the post to its logical conclusion even though I didn’t necessarily like it, or cut and run. Don’t post it. Obviously, I went with the latter.

It was about the NFL and about the entertainment aspect of it. How I wasn’t as excited about the NFL this season. I had written about entertainment, sports, movies, and injuries. Then I thought, ‘This doesn’t really go anywhere’. If I hadn’t cared about making a point, why did I write like I had something to say? Being so self-critical can, at times, be to my detriment, however, when I only have to answer to myself, it can provide me with fodder for a different post, so I don’t feel the need to recover a post that’s better left buried.

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