Episode 60 – Self Isolation, Physical Distancing, COVID19 & Brain Injury (Michelle McDonald, Brain Injury Canada)

After almost five years of solo-hosting, I’m joined in my efforts by Charli Skinner. Charli was on episode 56 – Getting There. Our guest is the Executive Director of Brain Injury Canada, Michelle McDonald.

Michelle, Charli and I talk about how those with brain injury, post concussion syndrome (PCS), and others are affected by the constraints of physical distancing (social distancing). People who have experienced brain injury, PCS, among other challenges, are not entirely new to this situation. Many, perhaps most, know this challenge, its difficulties, its uncertainty, all too well. This doesn’t make it any easier. When restrictions are eventually lifted, for those coping with brain injury-induced social distancing, life may more or less remain unchanged, but society’s understanding of one aspect of life for those living with certain disabilities, might improve.

In the meantime, Michelle offers advice on, coping mechanisms, information gathering (use reliable sources!), awareness around people with disabilities, as well as telling us about Brain Injury Canada’s #TogetherApart challenges.

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