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At the beginning of January I wrote that I would like to post more often, so I’ve set a schedule, kind of.  I’ve written this blog since 2010, and finding something different to write about has been important. Since I’ve become more involved with Pilates I’ve begun writing more and more post about that, but I don’t want to turn this blog into a weekly journal of Pilates classes. I also want to write about brain injury and other matters that get me thinking.

I used to write a post only when an idea struck me. It’d feel good to get some thoughts and ideas out there. In early January I was thinking about how good it would be to have a regular, or regular-ish, schedule of posts, but I didn’t think about what I’d say. So, I’ve sometimes found myself going to the rehashing of my week, notably at Pilates. I can’t endorse exercise enough for basically everything! Sure, some people aren’t as skilled or naturally talented at sports as others. But I’m not talking about competitve sports, I’m talking about exercise. Doing something that challenges you physically. I recognize how difficult it can be. Although I played and participated in competitve sports, I used to be scared of failing. I thought that was such a terrible thing. The most terrible thing was not trying because I didn’t want to fail. It’s actually through playing sports that I eventually overcame that. Sort of. It’s probably through my brain injury, rehab, and recovery that I got over it, but I wouldn’t reccommend severe brain injury as a strategy. Trying your hardest and failing is actually the best part of exercise! Otherwise, how do you know what you’re capable of?

That last digression actually ties into what I was writing about different ideas for blog posts. Recently I have been helping at a Pilates type of class for people with Parkinson’s. It’s an excellent class and the participants turn out in droves, even though it’s difficult for many to get there, and it’s even more difficult for many to do the exercises. But they try and they do! It’s such a great class to be a part of because it’s full of people eager to learn the exercises being taught and so enthusiastic about doing them! That is why, soon, I am going to talk to others involved in this class and see what they think about the class, exercise, and why they do it.

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