178.14 km

Biking time: 5 hours 55 minutes

1827.7 km total

Up with the sun this morning at around 5am and on the road by 6:15am. Our bikes were light because Gogi brought most of the heavier/awkward stuff in the truck. So, we made good time and got to Moose Jaw (~80 km) by 9am to meet Gogi. We met him at a gas station and we rigged his seat in a way for Gogi to make it across town to a bike store (a good one too!). At the bike store Gogi had his seat fixed and we got tubes, tires (in case we ever saw Chris and Troy again) and rim tape. From there, we went to Subway, just a couple of doors down from the bike store and got back on track, heading east to Regina.

Gogi got 3 more flats on the way – they were all on his front tire – so that got me thinking there is really something wrong with that wheel. We have plenty of tubes now, so we weren’t worried about it. This place is incredibly flat, it’s pretty cool to see. We were fixing the last of Gogi’s flats and we could see easily see Regina even though it was still far away. Just then a cyclist from Regina came by and biked all the way into town to show us where a library (email) and supermarket were. We had some interesting days to report on and we desperately needed food/groceries. Apparently it stays flat for a while longer. I like that.

Looking for the leak and patching old tubes. Near Regina.

Looking for the leak and patching old tubes. Near Regina.


LOOKING BACK, 10 YEARS LATER: As sympathetic and as helpful as I like to think I am, I come across as self-centered in this journal entry. Three flats and “we weren’t worried about it”! I was focused on my shitty luck of late, but Gogi really had a bad string of it. Never really complained about it though.

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