167.32 km

Biking time: 6 hours 10 minutes

2117.7 km total

In the words of Kinger, “I didn’t know I’d be sleeping on the floor of Stages [a bar a Kingston]”. Man, the Grenfell boys and their stereos came out last night at something like 12:30am and finally left at 2:30 or 3am. Sleeping wasn’t really possible. I guess the better thing to do would have been to go out and join them because we could hear them asking each other about the bikes and tent. Also, it probably would’ve been fun. They seemed like good guys, but I was always hoping I could get some sleep and I didn’t want to encourage them to stay. One guy said something about getting us up or something, but then another guy said they shouldn’t because he saw us cycling through and said we were probably tired and they should let us “sleep”. That was nice, but pointless. We were awake.

So, instead of getting up at 6:30am we didn’t get up until almost 9am. When we got on the road and in spite of the wind in our face, we made good time for the first 50 km. Then took a break in Whitewood, had lunch and biked another 50 km to Moosomin. We saw KFC on the way out of town and with 100km under our belts and about 60 more to go, we stopped in for a mid afternoon Mega Meal. Gogi finally got his bucket of chicken that he’s wanted since his 4am, St. Paddy’s Day call to KFC in Kingston. We polished off the entire meal and biked the final 60-70 km feeling like shit. Good times though.

The Manitoba border and the Central Time time zone was 45 minutes away and shortly after, I snapped a spoke on my rear wheel. It’s taken me until now – at camp – to fix it enough. However, I still need a wrench to get the cassette back on. I’ll do that in the morning and hopefully it won’t be too hard. It’s been head and cross winds for the past three days, maybe tomorrow it won’t be too bad, so we can put in a good distance to cut down on Monday’s ride into Winnipeg. On the bright side, no flats today, another province down and another time zone covered.

Mega Meal in Moosamin, SK

Mega Meal in Moosamin, SK

LOOKING BACK, 10 YEARS LATER: The mega meal was an inside joke, appropriately between the 3 of us, who returned late from the bar on St. Patrick’s Day and Gogi decided it was a great time to order some KFC. That part in Old School when a drunk Frank asks if KFC is open is even funnier to me because I automatically picture Gogi.

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