156.43 km

Biking time: 6 hours 48 minutes

7183 km total

I guess I slept last night, but I don’t know for how long. We’re sitting by the camp fire, it’s not late and I don’t feel too tired. Then again, I took, or almost took, another roadside nap today. I think we both fell asleep not too far from this campground. It didn’t help my mini-putt game though. Kinger beat me on the last hole we just played.

We were off the boat at 6:15am this morning in our 6th time zome and 10th province. We grabbed some food and changed back into our biking gear in the Tim Horton’s near the ferry terminal. So we were on the road early and got some great scenery as we left Port Aux Basques. We got a healthy dose of wind in our faces once we were on the TCH. However, the highway was newly paved and it was pretty flat for the first 60 km.

After about 75 km, our first stop for a quick rest was made even quicker by the approaching rain. We got away from that bit of weather, but it was still cold and after 110 km we finally found somewhere for lunch (I also had a hot chocolate). From that stop, we only had 50 km to here.

We’re not sure where we’ll end up tomorrow. Either Deer Lake or Birchy Lake. I hope it’s the latter because I really want to get to St. John’s. I’m still having a great time and I’m really enjoying the ride, and I think Kinger is too, but when the finish is so close, it’s hard not to think about it. Hopefully we can make tomorrow a big one.


Just east of Port Aux Basques, NL

Just east of Port Aux Basques, NL

LOOKING BACK, 10 YEARS LATER: While getting to sleep was surprisingly easy in those chairs, it wasn’t a good rest. It wasn’t just me, Kinger was also really excited about being less than a week from finishing! The winds were more pestering than they were strong, but they were strong enough. The all-morning drizzle also tried to dampen our spirits, but we were both fired up to the point of delirium that we were going to finish that we would have biked through a snowstorm and smiled the whole way through. That said, the mini-putt loss was disheartening.

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