168.58 km

Biking time: 6 hours 16 minutes

2745.3 km total

Those friggin’ flies enticed us to get going by 8am and were into Ontario by 9. Fifty kilometres later and we were in Kenora getting food and eating lunch. After about 100 km we were dehydrated, it was hot, muggy and it was up and down hills all day, so we jumped in the next lake we saw. That was refreshing! We were refilling our water bottles all afternoon, but still made pretty good time to this campground. This campground is disappointing. It advertised mini-putt and a beach, but both are sketchy. That said, we’ve both been in the water already. Another early night and a big day tomorrow to Ignace. The flies are still eating us alive.

The tent. My home in the summer of 2002.

The tent. My home in the summer of 2002.


LOOKING BACK, 10 YEARS LATER: I’ll never forget the flies. I think they were only encouraged by the salt from my sweat. I wrote that the campground was disappointing, but I have a picture of me at our tent immediately next to the lake. I must’ve really wanted that mini-putt.

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