87.52 km

Biking time: 3 hours 2 minutes

6538 km total

Riding with no panniers and nothing on the back was kind of disappointing. It didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Still, it was a good day. It was an easy 30 km to the bridge where we found out that bikes weren’t allowed. There was, however, a shuttle at 11am that would take us and our bikes, along with a few more tourists who seemed to know more about this than Kinger or I. It was free, so that made it better than the $37.75/car. Once across the bridge in Borden, PEI we grabbed a quick breakfast and were told that Summerside was the next town. So, it took us 45 or 50 minutes to make it there and we, of course, had Subway for lunch. It was a really nice day; sunny, hardly any wind, warm, but still, not a lot going on near the harbour/marina in Summerside. We walked around there a bit and then went to St. Andrew’s Mini-Golf and Country Club, where I was soundly beaten by Kinger, exacting his revenge from our game in Wawa. We hurried back to Borden, thinking the shutte was leaving earlier, found out we still had over an hour to kill, so we ate dinner and not long after, it was time to go. We hopped on the shuttle across the bridge, then rode back to our campsite. Tomorrow, province #9. Three more days until Newfoundland!

A nice day in Summerside.

A nice day in Summerside.

LOOKING BACK, 10 YEARS LATER: I sort of count 85 km on the previous day and the 87 km on this day as one rest day. My body would have disagreed, but as soon as we climbed the Coquihalla Highway I had stopped caring about its opinion. It really was a nice day in Summerside.

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