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I watch Jersey Shore. I am neither proud nor ashamed of that. I just watch it. I doubt I’d watch it the same way if I hadn’t done a biology degree. Everything from examining ecosystems and watching vigilance behaviour to detailing the lives of fruit flies was based on objective observation. It is with that eye of an unimpassioned observer that I tend to watch any reality show, especially those shows that are trying to depict life in an ‘open’ environment. It’s fairly obvious that, although not scripted, Jersey Shore takes place in a well controlled, or at least well influenced environment. The Situation (Mike) – a nickname he seemingly gave himself – recently slammed his head into a wall. Purposefully I might add!

He went to hospital,was diagnosed with whiplash, given a foam neck brace and told to lay low for a week (not go out to clubs – a near nightly occurrence on the show). The Situation was never a favourite member of the house; he always drew attention and animosity to himself. He is also depicted as being aggressive, arrogant and naive. About to get into a fight, he got himself riled up and threw his head into the wall. After the shock and concern about his immediate well being had subsided with his return from hospital, the house went back to normal, but without The Situation (I feel like an idiot writing out his full nickname like that, so he’s now just Mike), who was somewhat of an outcast from the house to start with.

I don’t know if the show was trying to display Mike’s more erratic behaviour or if they just couldn’t help it, because his behaviour now goes from being solitary and despondent to aggressive and hostile and back throughout the day. He has effectively alienated himself. I think the only time “concussion” was uttered in the house was immediately after he hit his head and by someone in the house, not a medical expert. Those are my observations of a highly edited show.

I haven’t written anything in a while, but it’s not like there are no brain injury issues. The NFL and NHL are in full swing. Sidney Crosby is patiently making his way back into play and his teammate, Arron Asham was getting everyone upset by stating (well, miming) a fact – if you punch someone in the head a lot, the could go unconscious and/or get a concussion.

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