So, now what?

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This is less a post and than it is a request. When I write it’s about some thought I have that is related to my brain injury, or at least relatable to a brain injury. What I’m asking now is if people can send me questions they have about brain injury and recovery. I am not a research scientist – as is my friend who writes Heal your Brain – but I will try to answer questions about what life after a brain injury might be like. Part of the reason brain injuries are so difficult is that they are all unique and in no way would I want people to think that what works/doesn’t work for me would be the same for everyone.

I don’t know the answer. It doesn’t exist. I have an answer that helped or didn’t help me and that’s what I can provide. I will read suggestions on Twitter: @concussiontalk and on Facebook and I’ll try to respond to some (probably not all) of the questions/commemts – annonymously, if you would rather email I will write posts that will hopefully address the issues raised, but again, please don’t think that my experiences are exactly the same as someone else’s.

I’m currently having my website redesigned. It will look better and will be easier to navigate.

Thank you! I look forward to hearing from everyone!


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