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I have been writing Concussion Talk for almost six years and doing Concussion Talk Podcast for almost a year (150 posts written and 13 episodes down, with more to come). I have also written an ebook, Detour, about my bike trip across Canada in 2002 and my 2003 crash and resulting severe brain injury. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing posts and doing podcasts. Now, I am also very interested in speaking to audiences about my experience; professional groups, organizations, community groups, and others interested in learning about the vagaries of life with a brain injury.

It was surprising to me when I found that I enjoyed speaking in front of people. I have always been fairly shy, but I’ve always liked talking to people. I wouldn’t have started Concussion Talk Podcast had I not been confident and comfortable talking to an audience and podcast guests, but although the podcasts are great and as much as I enjoy doing them, talking directly to an audience is something I look forward to. Late last year, I was one of several people who spoke to a class in the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation at Memorial University of Newfoundland. At the end of February I was interviewed on local evening news for a piece on CBC NL’s Here & Now (at 37:20) and for this article. In June 2011 I spoke at an Newfoundland and Labrador Brain Injury Association (NLBIA) symposium talking about my recovery and experience to that point.

I want to speak in front of audiences; medical/hospital, sports and athletics (including pilates and yoga), professional, governmental, non-governmental, community, etc., to increase awareness around brain injury, not only prevention, but rehab, exercise, learning, recovery, and all you can do to enjoy life after a brain injury.

If anyone is interested in having me speak, please contact me via email at concussiontalk@gmail.com

Thank you.

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