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This is Concussion Talk Podcast YouTube Channel.

I started it when I started doing my podcasts in 2015, but I’ve been having trouble getting the sound and picture to work on my computer, so I haven’t been uploading any YouTube versions of my podcast lately.

I’ve figured that out, so I will be putting YouTube podcasts out. I’ll also be putting previous podcasts on my channel and trying to group them in posts together.

For example, my first grouping will be ‘Rugby and Concussions’ and will have three podcasts:

Episode 18 – Mike Luke, World Rugby Medical Educator & certified kinesiologist

Episode 22 – Jamie Cudmore, Rugby Safety Network, Oyonnax (USO), Rugby Canada

Episode 25 – Gordon Stringer, Rowan Stringer’s father, Rowan’s Law, youth sports concussions

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