Exciting news! Concussion Talk & Concussion Lab partnership!

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Concussion Talk is partnering with Concussion Lab Inc. to share more about concussion and brain injury; medical supplies, rehabilitation, exercise, recovery, podcasts and articles!

Concussion Lab Inc. is a new Toronto-based company founded by a sports physiotherapist who focuses on concussion rehabilitation and recovery. The company’s first product is the Concussion Lab Laser Headlamp: “Concussion Lab Inc. has developed the Concussion Lab Laser Headlamp that can be integrated in post-concussion rehabilitation exercise programs. This simple and innovative technology helps patients that are recovering from a head injury retrain their sensorimotor integration systems. In particular, our product targets cervical kinaesthesia, oculomotor tracking, and vestibular-ocular reflex function. In addition to clinical practice, the laser headlamp is a useful research tool in laboratory studies that serve to advance our understanding of concussion recovery.”

Their mission is: “modernize the way in which concussions are managed, and provide evidence-based rehabilitation tools to athletes that have sustained concussion-related injuries. We offer simple standardized products to help clients achieve optimal recovery and effectively return to school, work, sports and their every day lives.”

I encourage athletes, health care professionals, clinics and medical supply companies to check out their website!

Concussion Lab is also on Twitter and Instagram!

Please continue to visit this website for Concussion Talk & Phoenix Concussion Recovery Podcasts, and articles/blog posts!

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