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I taught my first Pilates class at Pony Locale yesterday. I’m happy about it and I’m excited to do more teaching! I’m a bit hesitant to say that the class went well because it’s not for me to decide. It went well if the participants all enjoyed it and felt good after the class. They said they liked it and said they felt good when they were leaving, so I’ll take their word for it! It wasn’t perfect, but it was an awesome start! Of course there’s room for improvement, but, aside from consciously improving in specific areas, a lot of the improvement will come from experience and gaining comfort and ease with teaching.

My thinking, even earlier this morning, was that I’d write about a sense of accomplishment and a desire to learn and teach more. I’ve been writing and erasing, writing more, editing, erasing again, all the while trying to force a bunch of words that weren’t necessarily flowing. It has been in this process that I’ve realized that maybe the words don’t feel natural because they’re not…yet. It felt good to do the class and I think it went well, but that was only one class. I am very happy and I have a feeling of accomplishment, but the fun and excitement comes from knowing that there’s so much more to know. So much more to do.

In hospital and rehab, speaking more clearly, consciously recovering control of a muscle, or being able to balance, however briefly, gave an incredible sense of achievement. That being said, what I was really excited about was the potential to do more. My therapy sessions were already extremely important to me, but this made them fun! That’s right, fun.

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