Sunday Part Two: Learning curve

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As with last week, this second Sunday went well, albeit with fewer particpants. I’ve been tired this week, and I was out with friends on Saturday night, but it still felt good to get up on Sunday morning and go to the Pilates studio. As is so often the case with any exercise, I felt better and more invigorated after than I had going in.

Save probably two, I tried an almost completely new set of exercises this week, and I felt really good about it! I know there are many, many more to do, but there are also many, many more modifications I can add to the favourites to make those exercises, more difficult and to challenge the body differently.

It still is the potential to do more that makes this process exciting and fun. ‘More’ is probably to vague a word. ‘Differently’ may fit better. That means learning. In a way it means experimenting and not being afraid to mess up. I hesitate to say ‘fail’ because the class would still be a good workout, it just may not have gone according to a pre-determined schedule. In turn, that means flexibility; being able to think of exercises or modifications on the fly.

In the end, it’s all about learning, doing things differently, and being happy with the results. Whatever they may be. Again, this is no different than recovery from a serious injury. Learning how to do things differently was very challenging and it took a long time, but learning that I had to do things differently took more out of me, and being happy with that reality was probably more rewarding.

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