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I have been writing Concussion Talk for over four years. During that time I have written copious posts and an ebook, Detour. I enjoy writing and getting my ideas on paper, or on a screen as the case may be.

That being said, beginning in January 2015, I would like to do more public speaking about brain injury, recovery, sport/exercise and Pilates. I have talked about brain injury publicly before, I felt it went well, and I am very comfortable talking about my injury, recovery, and different experiences; both physical and mental, that I feel have helped me. The more I am able to talk to people who are interested, affected, or admittedly ignorant of brain injury, the more I will be able to impart my experience and learn from others. I would like to talk to groups who are interested in brain injury, rehab, recovery, brain injury and sports/exercise/society.

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